Data Reduction Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to generate a calibrated 2D spectrum with the pipeline?


Setting reduce.extract.method = 2d in the uves_obs_scired recipe will create a 2D rectified and merged spectrum. In Reflex, you do this by right-clicking on the "Spectrum Extraction" actor, selecting Configure Actor, and changing the INIT_EXTRACT_METHOD to 2d and ENABLE_INTERACTIVITY to false. In addition, you have to configure the RecipeExecuter for uves_obs_scired as follows: Right-click on the "Spectrum Extraction" actor and select Open Actor, then right-click on the uves_obs_scired actor and select Configure Actor. In the pop-up window delete the entries in the "Output Files Category" and then click on "Commit".

Please note that if you want one- and two-dimensional spectra, you have to process the data twice with different values for reduce.extract.method.