Data Reduction Frequently Asked Questions

I can run the whole pipeline and produce end products, but I can not do so in interactive mode. Am I doing something wrong, or is there a way to get it to run interactively?


The GlobalPlotInteractivityScience reflex parameter should be already set by default to true. This is to allow reflex interactively, that means some python based GUI will pop up at the end of the science data reduction step (espdr_sci_red recipe). Those GUI will present you with some images and spectra (see reflex tutorial page 41, fig 6.4.14) through which you should be able to asses the quality of your data and eventually change some parameters (see upper right hand side tabs). If you change parameters you then need to press the "Re run Recipe" button, which will re-run the recipe and then pop-up again the same GUI with updated results.