Data Reduction Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any pipilines available to reduce APEX bolometer data (instruments LABOCA, SABOCA & Artemis)?


There are several software packages that can reduce the APEX bolometer data: BoA, CRUSH and IDL (only for Artemis). All of these assume the files have their original APEX filenames instead of the archive filenames. Please see the attached instructions on how to obtain and rename APEX bolometer files from the ESO archive back to their original file names.

The .TAR file contains a Reduction/ directory, which includes a CRUSH data reduction script (provided on a best effort basis). This script can be used as a starting point for a more careful data reduction. A more detailed data reduction, in particular for faint or very extended sources can be done in BoA. Detailed instructions, including a dedicated cookbook on reducing Artemis data is available at To reduce photometric (wobbler on-off) data taken with LABOCA or SABOCA using BoA, a detailed cookbook can be found at