A&A Special Letters Edition


Special Letters Edition: First Science with FORS I and ISAAC at the VLT

The Board of Directors of Astronomy and Astrophysics recognizes thegreat opportunity offered by the start of operating ESO's Very LargeTelescope. The first two science instuments, FORS I and ISAAC, havebeen successfully commissioned, and spectacular data have been takenand made known to the public and scientific community via pressreleases. ESO starts now to make part of the commissioning data andthe Science Verification data of these two instruments available tothe ESO user community, in terms of raw and calibration data, as wellas calibrated data. See the ESO Web pages for more and updatedinformation (http://www.eso.org/science/sv)

The Editors of Astronomy and Astrophysics recognize the importance ofthis event and -- following a first Special Letters Edition on ``FirstScience with the VLT'', which was based on Science Verification datawith the Test Camera and published in the March I, 1999 issue -- planto release a second Special Letters Edition on ``First Science withFORS I and ISAAC at the VLT'', with Letters based on the abovementioned data, and data taken in the early phase of regular VLTobservations; the intended publication date is December 1. These Letters will be handled in the standard way,except that the strict page limit for Letters may be relaxed for thisEdition. Authors are invited to send their manuscripts on this topicto the Letters Office, preferentially electronically (see Editorial inA&A 337, E1); manuscripts received before August 15, 1999, will beguaranteed to be handled sufficiently quickly to be included in theSpecial Edition, provided the referee assessment is positive andrequested revisions arrive on time. Please indicate in a cover letterthat the manuscript is intended for the Special Edition.

P. Schneider, H.J. Habing and C. Bertout.