Extragalactic Research Group

Welcome to the web-page of the ESO-Chile Extragalactic Research Group (ERG). You can find detailed information about our group using the links on the right. If you wish to subscribe to our mailing list, please use this page.

We hold group meetings twice per month in which recent results are presented. If you are planning to visit ESO-Chile, this is a terrific opportunity to meet our group. Just send an email to any of the group coordinators: Juan Carlos Muñoz-Mateos (jmunoz at eso dot org) and Daniel Espada (despada at alma dot cl).

We have currently over 20 members including staff astronomers, fellows, PhD and MSc students. The group as a whole has a broad range of scientific interests, covering many topics related to the formation and evolution of galaxies, including our own Milky Way.


Latest Papers

  • Carraro, Giovanni, et al.: The complex stellar populations in the background of open clusters in the third Galactic quadrant, 2016, MNRAS 455, 4031 (ADS)
  • Watson, Linda C., et al.: Testing the molecular-hydrogen Kennicutt-Schmidt law in the low-density environments of extended ultraviolet disc galaxies, 2016, MNRAS 455, 1807 (ADS)
  • Gadotti, Dimitri A., et al.: MUSE tells the story of NGC 4371: The dawning of secular evolution, 2015, A&A 584, A90 (ADS)
  • Asmus, D., et al.: The subarcsecond mid-infrared view of local active galactic nuclei - II. The mid-infrared-X-ray correlation, 2015, MNRAS 454, 766 (ADS)
  • Smoker, J. V., et al.: The large- and small-scale Ca II K structure of the Milky Way from observations of Galactic and Magellanic sightlines☆, 2015, A&A 582, A59 (ADS)
  • Smoker, J. V., et al.: Large- and small-scale structure of the intermediate- and high-velocity clouds towards the LMC and SMC, 2015, MNRAS 451, 4346 (ADS)
  • Carraro, G.: The Milky Way disk, 2015, BAAA 57, 138 (ADS)
  • Ledoux, C., et al.: Neutral atomic-carbon quasar absorption-line systems at z> 1.5. Sample selection, H i content, reddening, and 2175 Å extinction feature, 2015, A&A 580, A8 (ADS)
  • Vogt, Frédéric P. A., et al.: Galaxy interactions in compact groups - II. Abundance and kinematic anomalies in HCG 91c, 2015, MNRAS 450, 2593 (ADS)
  • Muñoz-Mateos, Juan Carlos, et al.: The Spitzer Survey of Stellar Structure in Galaxies (S4G): Stellar Masses, Sizes, and Radial Profiles for 2352 Nearby Galaxies, 2015, ApJS 219, 3 (ADS)
  • Koda, Jin, et al.: Approximately a Thousand Ultra-diffuse Galaxies in the Coma Cluster, 2015, ApJ 807, L2 (ADS)
  • Anderson, Joseph P., et al.: Statistical Studies of Supernova Environments, 2015, PASA 32, e019 (ADS)
  • Taylor, Matthew A., et al.: Observational Evidence for a Dark Side to NGC 5128's Globular Cluster System, 2015, ApJ 805, 65 (ADS)
  • Jaffé, Yara L., et al.: BUDHIES II: a phase-space view of H I gas stripping and star formation quenching in cluster galaxies, 2015, MNRAS 448, 1715 (ADS)