MUSE Spectral Library

You will find here ascii (gzip compressed) and fits files for the 35 stellar spectra published by Ivanov et al. (2019, A&A, in press). The paper is available here.

  • The spectral range is 4800-9300 Anstroms.
  • The resolving power varies across the spectral range from ~2000 in the blue to ~4000 in the red.
  • Fluxes are in F_lambda units (erg/(cm2 s Ang)).
  • The ASCII files have three columns: wavelenght, flux and flux error.
  • The FITS files have been simply generated by the IRAF routine rspectext using interpolation.
  • Plots have been generated for all spectra covering the entire spectral range. See the research paper for details.
  • A tarball with all dat, fits and jpg files is available: here.

This document was prepared by Valentin Ivanov (Aug 19, 2019).

Spectral Type ID Ascii file Fits file Plot
O7e... HD 057060 HD057060.dat.gz HD057060.fits HD057060.jpg
B2IIIp HD 096446 HD096446.dat.gz HD096446.fits HD096446.jpg
B9III HD 175640 HD175640.dat.gz HD175640.fits HD175640.jpg
B9V HD 147550 HD147550.dat.gz HD147550.fits HD147550.jpg
A0 HD 164257 HD164257.dat.gz HD164257.fits HD164257.jpg
A2III HD 193281A HD193281A.dat.gz HD193281A.fits HD193281A.jpg
A3 HD 174966 HD174966.dat.gz HD174966.fits HD174966.jpg
A5 HD 172230 HD172230.dat.gz HD172230.fits HD172230.jpg
A8Vn... HD 193256 HD193256.dat.gz HD193256.fits HD193256.jpg
F2 HD 167278 HD167278.dat.gz HD167278.fits HD167278.jpg
F5:V: HD 193281B HD193281B.dat.gz HD193281B.fits HD193281B.jpg
F6III HD 160365 HD160365.dat.gz HD160365.fits HD160365.jpg
F6V HD 196892 HD196892.dat.gz HD196892.fits HD196892.jpg
G0 HD 200081 HD200081.dat.gz HD200081.fits HD200081.jpg
G3V HD 163810 HD163810.dat.gz HD163810.fits HD163810.jpg
G5Ia HD 179821 HD179821.dat.gz HD179821.fits HD179821.jpg
G5IIIa HD 193896 HD193896.dat.gz HD193896.fits HD193896.jpg
G5 HD 204155 HD204155.dat.gz HD204155.fits HD204155.jpg
G8Iab HD 099648 HD099648.dat.gz HD099648.fits HD099648.jpg
K0III HD 170820 HD170820.dat.gz HD170820.fits HD170820.jpg
K0 HD 173158 HD173158.dat.gz HD173158.fits HD173158.jpg
K3IIp HD 232078 HD232078.dat.gz HD232078.fits HD232078.jpg
K3V HD 160346 HD160346.dat.gz HD160346.fits HD160346.jpg
K3.5III HD 099998, BS 4432 HD099998.dat.gz HD099998.fits HD099998.jpg
K5III HD 114960 HD114960.dat.gz HD114960.fits HD114960.jpg
M0Iab HD 306799, CD-60 3636 HD306799.dat.gz HD306799.fits HD306799.jpg
M0.5V HD 209290 HD209290.dat.gz HD209290.fits HD209290.jpg
M1III HD 102212 HD102212.dat.gz HD102212.fits HD102212.jpg
M3Iab HD 101712 HD101712.dat.gz HD101712.fits HD101712.jpg
M3III HD 100733, BS 4463 HD100733.dat.gz HD100733.fits HD100733.jpg
M4 [B86] 133 B86133.dat.gz B86133.fits B86133.jpg
M9III IRAS 15060+0947 IRAS15060p0947.dat.gz IRAS15060p0947.fits IRAS15060p0947.jpg
CNv... HD 067507, RU Pup HD067507.dat.gz HD067507.fits HD067507.jpg
C HD 085405, Y Hya HD085405.dat.gz HD085405.fits HD085405.jpg
S HD 064332 HD064332.dat.gz HD064332.fits HD064332.jpg