API: User-contributed software

This page contains links to software using the p2API and developed by the user community. Please note that user-contributed software is not maintained by ESO. All questions and feedback should be forwarded to the contact person/developer of the program.

Note to the users: Users should remember that any new item (e.g. OBs, scheduling containers) created with the API is immediately stored on the ESO database. Hence users are kindly asked to test the API functionalities by programming against the p2 Demo server before using their script on the Phase 2 approved run. This is critical to preserve the stability and integrity of the ESO database used in operations. Please be reminded that the OBs or any item created inside the demo environment are publicly visible and may be deleted.

Users should be avare that in order to program more conveniently against the API, it is helpful to create small, language-specific bindings to the API. We provide a simple example binding for Python, i.e. p2api

fcmaker (Contributed by:  Frédéric P.A. Vogt)

fcmaker is a python module that creates astronomical finding charts for Observing Blocks (OBs) on the p2 web server from the European Southern Observatory (ESO). Please see the paper written by Frédéric P.A. Vogt describing the tool in this paper. A full description of the module can be found here

Preferred citation method: see information here.

OBX import (Contributed by: Michael Pruemm)

users can find here a python script named loadobx.py, which should serve as an example of how to make API's calls via python to import an existing OBX file into the p2demo environment for a given instrument. 

Upload PAF file example (Contributed by: Bo Milvang-Jensen)

upload_paf_test.py is an example python script that shows how to upload a PAF file and attach it to a science template in a VIRCAM OB. The PAF file used in this example is available here.

Further contributions

If you have developed a script or utility that makes use of the p2API and you would like to share, please create a ticket at support.eso.org to let us know.

Please provide the following information:

  • Contact person's name and home institution
  • Contact person's email address
  • A brief description of the software, and what it does
  • Web address for downloading the software
  • Links to any supporting documentation

You will be contacted by a staff of the User Support Department once your information is received.