RRM activation: email template for Paranal

For RRM activations on Paranal instruments, the email template displayed below can be used as a substitute for filling out the ToO activation webpage. The e-mail must be sent to esoarspl@eso.org. Please also check the specific requirements linked to that template.

Downloading the template

To download this template to your disk, please right-click the link below and use the "Save link as..." functionality of your browser.

E-mail template for RRM activation on Paranal

Contents of the template

#AR-Message-Begin Do Not Delete This Line
Schema: TOO:Target Opportunity
Server: wlporem
Login: toousr
Password: toousr
Action: Submit
Format: Short
Status ! 7!: New
# Please add your Prog ID and PI name
Program ID ! 8!:
PI Name ! 4!:
# Values for Telescope: Antu (UT1), Kueyen (UT2), Melipal (UT3), Yepun (UT4), VLTI, VST, VISTA, ICCF
Telescope !536870916!:
# Instrument depends on the selected Telescope
# Example: UVES goes with Kueyen (UT2)
Instrument !536870917!:
Name of the trigger ! 2!:
Requester !536870920!:
Contact Phone #!536870991!:
ReqEmail 1 !536870915!:
ReqEmail 2 !536870928!:
ReqEmail 3 !536870976!:
ReqEmail 4 !536870978!:
ReqEmail 5 !536870980!:
ReqEmail 6 !536870982!:
Target Name !536870921!:
Type of trigger !536870943!:RRM
# Values: Standard, Additional: if additional are required, please put details in Comments field
Calibration requirements !536870964!:Standard
Comments !536870979!:[$$Please add here any additional comment.$$]
#AR-Message-End Do Not Delete This Line

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