Important Links for Period 106

Information on Instruments & Facilities

La Silla Paranal Observatory
Homepage for the La Silla and Paranal Observatory facilities
Instrumentation and Facilities in Period 106
Links to technical information for Period 106
Instruments available in Period 106
Instruments and facilities in Period 106
Recent changes for Period 106
Important changes for Period 106
Foreseen changes for next Periods Planned changes for future Periods
The APEX telescope APEX Homepage
Observing with APEX
Applying for time on APEX facilities
Exposure time calculators (ETCs)
ETCs for Paranal and La Silla instrumentation

Proposal Preparation

WebP1 The Web-based p1 proposal submission interface
Observing conditions Observing constraint definitions for Phase 1 and 2
Overheads table for Paranal instrumentation
Guidelines for calculating overheads
Telescope demand and pressure Telescope demand & large programme commitment
Guaranteed Time Observations GTO targets protected against duplication
Public Survey Targets page Public survey fields protected against duplication
OPC categories and sub-categories OPC scientific category definitions (updated in P101)
Proposal preparation tools and services Ephemerides to determine when objects are best observed, links to weather pages and useful data catalogues and archives
Late Breaking News Information as it becomes available after the release of the Call for Proposals

Useful information

Paranal Site Details Paranal Site, climate and seismical information
VLT UT Performance VLT Unit telescope performance, guiding and tracking
Visibility on the VLT Sky accessibility and vignetting by neighbouring telescopes on the VLT
Data Products
Data Products and Phase 3
Calibration Plans and Pipelines                                        
Calibration plans and Pipelines for VLT/I instrumentation
VLTI Configurations Overview Baselines available in P106

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