Late Breaking News

20 March, 2020

  • Impact of COVID-19 on ESO Proposal Submission Deadline
    Given ongoing developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the proposal submission deadline has been postponed from 26 March to 23 April 12:00 CEST. ESO will continue to follow developments closely and may provide additional updates regarding Phase 1 in the next weeks. Please see also:


16 March, 2020

  • Due to recent developments in the preparations to offer SOXS at the NTT in the near future, Large Programme proposals will be accepted for SOFI in Period 106 and for EFOSC2 in Periods 106 and 107. Users should be aware, however, that these programmes may be terminated ahead of the expected time, depending on progress in the activities with SOXS. This will be reviewed again for Period 108.


27 February, 2020:

  • Users submitting Calibration Programme proposals do not need anymore to assign the category L0 to their proposals; this is now done automatically by the p1 proposal submission tool.

  • The decommissioning of SOFI expected to occur in Period 106 is likely going to be postponed.