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An NRAO-NRO-SAO-Cornell-ESO Cooperation in Chile

 *  [NEW] An Analysis of Cloud Cover and Water Vapor for the ALMA Project (38 pages, pdf, 600kB, Dec. 2002): A Comparison Between Chajnantor (Chile), Chalviri (Bolivia) and Five Sites in Argentina using Satellite Data and a Verification of Satellite PWV measurements by A. Erasmus.
 * ALMA Site European home page including the ALMA Chajnantor Weather summary 1998-1999
 * NRAO Site testing page.
 * Cornell Atacama Project site testing page. Also, Cornell/Texas/Cordoba March 2002 DIMM campaign report.
 * NRO LMSA Project site testing page.
 * Caltech Cosmic Background Imager facilities.
 * Picture Book and Topographic Map.

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