ALMA Remote Proposal Preparation Support and Community Day 2018

Published: 06 Mar 2018

Announcement from the German Node

The next Call for Proposals for observing time with ALMA (Cycle 6) will be issued on 20 March 2018 with a deadline on 19 April 2018. To prepare the local astronomical community for the Cycle 6 proposal deadline, the German ARC node offers a number of ALMA Community Events, including remote proposal preparation support and outreach sessions as well as the traditional German ALMA Community Day. The Community Day will take place on 5 April. The remote training sessions are scheduled between 15 March and 10 April.

Proposal Preparation Support and Outreach

Enjoy ALMA outreach and proposal preparation support conveniently at your home institution!
As a service to the local astronomical community, the German ARC node organizes several ALMA proposal preparation and outreach sessions as video sessions using zoom, which the participants can join without charge. Participants in the sessions are very welcome to come to Bonn for further face-to-face interaction and one-on-one help with their proposals during the ALMA Community Day on 05 April 2018. For further details and registration, please go to

ALMA Community Day

The German ARC node cordially invites the local astronomical community to participate in the German ALMA Community Day in Bonn on 05 April 2018.
Besides the latest information and advice relevant for proposal preparation, the programme offers a proposal clinic, where participants can work on their ALMA proposals with one-on-one advice by ALMA experts, and the opportunity to interact with other (prospective) ALMA users and the local ARC node staff. For further details and registration, please go to

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Credit: ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO), ESO/C. Malin/B. Tafreshi/José Francisco Salgado