The quiet explosion (annotated)

Images at three different epochs of the spiral galaxy NGC 2770, located 90 million light-years away towards the Lynx constellation, observed from the Asiago Observatory. The first image on 6 January 2008 reveals only the fading supernova SN 2007uy, which was discovered at the end of 2007. The second image, taken 6 days later, shows the newly discovered supernova SN 2008D. It is very rare for two supernovae to happen at the same time in a galaxy, as a supernova on average happens only once every hundred years. The last one to have been seen in our Milky Way dates back from 1604. The third image, taken almost a month later, still shows the two supernovae. SN 2007uy has faded, while SN 2008D brightened. The small animation shows an interpolation between these three images.




Julkaisupäivä:24. heinäkuuta 2008
Vastaavat julkaisut:eso0823
Koko:4400 x 2200 px


Nimi:NGC 2770
Tyyppi:Local Universe : Galaxy : Type : Spiral
Etäisyys:100 miljoona valovuotta


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