Peeking at a Distant Moon-Forming Disc (ESOcast Light 240)

Using ALMA, a team of astronomers have unambiguously detected a moon-forming disc around a distant planet for the first time. The planet is a Jupiter-like gas giant, hosted in a system still in the process of being formed. The result promises to shed new light on how moons and planets form in young stellar systems. This video summarises the discovery.

The ESOcast Light is a series of short videos bringing you the wonders of the Universe in bite-sized pieces. The video is available in 4K UHD.



Directed by: Herbert Zodet and Martin Wallner.
Editing: Herbert Zodet.
Web and technical support: Gurvan Bazin and Raquel Yumi Shida.
Written by: Thea Elvin, Giulio Mazzolo and Bárbara Ferreira.
Music: Stellardrone — Billions And Billions.
Footage and photos: ESO, ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO)/Benisty et al. , L. Calçada, C. Malin ( and B. Tafreshi (
Scientific consultants: Paola Amico and Mariya Lyubenova.

Om videoen

Udgivelsesdato:22. juli 2021 14:00
Relaterede pressemeddelelser:eso2111
Spilletid:01 m 20 s
Frame rate:25 fps

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Navn:PDS 70c
Type:Milky Way : Star : Circumstellar Material : Planetary System

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