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Journalists can now opt to receive ESO press releases in their native language from 30 options available

22 mai 2013

Present and future journalists who subscribe to The ESO Media Newsletter can now receive this weekly newsletter in their native language. Current subscribers are invited to visit their Subscription Preferences, which can be found as highlighted in the images above, and choose a preferred language. New subscribers can choose their favourite language when they sign up (media only).

We appreciate that some languages are officially spoken in more than one country. Subscribers will find an indication of both language and country in these cases. For example, in the preferred language dropdown menu, subscribers will find the options: German, German/Austria, German/Belgium and German/Switzerland. We recommend taking the country into account, because translated newsletters may also contain additional local announcements and events that are only relevant for that country.

Aimed exclusively at media representatives — traditional media outlets, bloggers, freelance journalists, TV broadcasters, researchers and movie producers — The ESO Media Newsletter is a weekly embargoed newsletter, sent out 48 hours prior to the publication of press releases. It contains advance access to ESO press releases and the accompanying material such as videos, images etc.

The translations are made available thanks to the work of two of our networks: ESO Science Outreach Network representatives and the volunteer translators — an open network which is currently accepting new members. Being a volunteer-driven initiative, our newsletters might sometimes have items in English if a translation is not available at the time of release. We kindly ask our subscribers for their understanding and hope that you will enjoy receiving our latest science news and the breathtaking views that the Universe offers us.



Oana Sandu
Community Coordinator
The education and Public Outreach Department
Tel: +49 89 320 069 65

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Screenshot of the ESO Media Newsletter as seen when received via email
Screenshot of the ESO Media Newsletter as seen when received via email