ESO Awarded Highest Engineering Prize in Chile

21 Dicembre 2011

The Chilean Engineers Association awarded the National Prize 2011 to the European Southern Observatory (ESO), in the category of institutions, for its valuable contribution to engineering development in Chile. On behalf of ESO, the Representative in Chile, Massimo Tarenghi, received a medal and a diploma during a ceremony held on 11 October 2011. In the category of professional of the year, the prize was awarded to the Chilean engineer Santiago Arias Soto, a global expert on seismic structural design.

This prize has been awarded every year since 1992, to the engineer or institution that excels in the construction of complex civil works and contributes to the development of Chile with challenging projects, technological transfer to and from the country, high standards of environmental protection and an active role for Chilean engineering.



Massimo Tarenghi
ESO Representative in Chile
Santiago, Chile
Tel: +56 2 4633143

Valentina Rodríguez
Press Officer ESO/Chile
Santiago, Chile
Tel: +56 2 4633123
Cell: +56 9 98294202

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ESO was awarded with the highest Engineering Prize in Chile
ESO was awarded with the highest Engineering Prize in Chile