The star-forming region Messier 17 in the constellation of Sagittarius

This chart shows the location of the star-forming region Messier 17, also often called the Omega or Swan Nebula, within the constellation of Sagittarius (The Archer). This map shows most of the stars visible to the unaided eye under good conditions, and the cluster itself is marked as a green square within a red circle. Through a moderate-sized amateur telescope this object appears as a bright bar of haze.


ESO, IAU and Sky & Telescope

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Date de publication:8 juin 2011 12:00
Communiqués de presse en rapport:eso1537, eso1119
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Nom:Messier 17, Omega Nebula, Sagittarius
Type:Milky Way : Sky Phenomenon : Night Sky : Constellation

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