10 000th Paper from ESO Data

13 septembre 2013

The 10 000th scientific paper using data from ESO's facilities has just been published. The lucky paper that crossed the 10K line is "Galaxy Halo Truncation and Giant Arc Surface Brightness Reconstruction in the Cluster MACSJ1206.2-0847" by Eichner et al. (ApJ, 2013, vol. 774, p. 124), which uses observations from the VIMOS instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope and the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, among others.

This milestone was recorded in the ESO Telescope Bibliography (telbib) on 11 September 2013. Telbib is a database of refereed papers which have been published by the ESO users community, and contains papers dating back to 1996. It is maintained by the ESO Library. All papers use partly or exclusively data from ESO facilities. The database is compiled by scanning the major astronomical journals for scientific papers that contain any of the ESO-defined keywords (e.g., telescope and instrument names). All papers included in the database have been inspected visually to ensure that they directly use ESO observational data.

The total set of 10 000+ telbib papers using ESO time (excluding papers that use, for example, non-European ALMA time), as well as further information and statistics, can be found online.



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10000 papers from ESO data
10000 papers from ESO data