First Light for NAOS-CONICA

Video eso0137a provides some background scenes and images around the NAOS-CONICA "First Light" event on November 25, 2001 (extracted from ESO Video News Reel No. 13). Contents: NGC 3603 image from ISAAC and a smaller field as observed by NAOS-CONICA ; the Paranal platform in the afternoon, before the event; YEPUN and NAOS-CONICA with cryostat sounds; Tension is rising in the VLT Control Room; Wavefront Sensor display; the "Loop is Closed"; happy team members; the first corrected image on the screen; Images of NGC 3603 by HST and VLT; 30 Doradus central cluster; BN Object in Orion; Statement by the Head of the ESO Instrument Division.



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Fecha de publicación:3 de Diciembre de 2001
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Duración:02 m 27 s
Frame rate:30 fps

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