Travellers of Light

Great personalities from the history of science as Alhacen, Albert Eintein, James Maxwell and the female astronomers from Harvard University come together in a fictional story in which they describe and recreate the most important events and theories of light.


Produced by: Planetario Malargüe / Universidad Nacional de Chilecito
Directed by: Enrique Díaz / Roberto Bandiera / Hugo Jiménez
Executive Producers: Fabiana González / Federico Briozzo
Produced by: Eliana Pérez Norrito / Enrique Díaz
Director of Photography: Daniel Dubrowsky / Maximiliano Galletto
Sound Director: Juan Manuel Bernal Lloret / Roberto Bandiera
3d: Hugo Jiménez / Mauricio Chaar 
Art Director: Ana Cecilia Díaz
Scientific Advisor: Beatriz García, Carlos Hojvat (Pierre Auger Observatory)

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Data de divulgação:18 de Dezembro de 2019 às 11:54
Duração:29 m 36 s
Frame rate:30 fps

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Tipo:Unspecified : People : Scientist

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