Working with the ELT

Opportunities for Industrial Development

ESO noticed that in several Member States industry and/or national institutes have the wish to carry out developmental work relevant to the ELT. To enable this they might require information from ESO.

ESO is willing to provide information that is available and is considered by ESO as information that can be made public, under the following conditions:

  • The work is done independently from ESO
  • Work is carried out at no cost to ESO
  • If output is provided to ESO, ESO has the right to use the output of this work without restriction

The support of ESO to the industry/institute will be strictly limited to making the information available via this website.


ESO will publish, on request, information on this web site of that could be developed further, either as a conceptual study, or else as an opportunity to demonstrate capabilities. In addition this opportunity will be distributed to the Industrial Liaison Officers within the Member States so that they can inform their own industry or institute to take advantage of this information if wanted.

Industry/Institutes that are interested should contact ESO and inform of their interest. As noted above, ESO will provide no support to these activities other than making available the information.

Current Opportunities

M1 Segment Support

The development design of the M1 Segment Support following the FEED studies.

Project Dictionary Definition: Segments Supports includes the functional axial and lateral support systems and the clocking restraining device(s). It includes safety supports if any distinct from what precedes. Segments Supports does not contain any segment support system outside the Primary Mirror Unit.

M1 Manipulator

The conceptual design of the M1 Manipulator.

Project Dictionary Definition: Segment Manipulator contains the tool required to handle a M1 Segment Assembly in-situ in the telescope. It contains a positioner, a segment exchanger, interfaces to Segment Assembly Alignment Tools and to Segment In-Situ Cleaning Devices, and auxiliary tools as may be required for integration / de-integration and maintenance in-situ of the M1 Segment Assemblies. The Segment Manipulator interfaces with the M1 Segment Assemblies and with the M1 Segment Cranes of the Main Structure. Segment Manipulator includes segment inclination adjustment and load monitoring devices if any required. Segment Manipulator does not contain handling or maintenance tools for the handling or maintenance of M1 Segment Assemblies outside the telescope.



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