Inauguration of the Paranal-Armazones photovoltaic plant

The photovoltaic power plant Paranal-Armazones supplies electricity to ESO's Paranal Observatory and the ESO's ELT construction site at Cerro Armazones during the day. This solar power plant is the highest generation capacity in Chile dedicated to astronomy. On July 12, the plant was inaugurated with local authorities, and staff of ESO and the Saesa Group. From left to right: Marco Antonio Mancilla, executive secretary (S) of the National Energy Commission; Roberto Tamai, director of ESO’s ELT Program; Dafne Pino, Energy Seremi of Antofagasta; Francisco Alliende, general manager of Grupo Saesa; Maisa Rojas, Minister of the Environment; and Gustavo Riveros, Environment Seremi of Antofagasta.



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