Intracluster planetary nebulae in the SUC field in the Virgo Cluster

Zoomed in view of the pointing relative to the SUC field. The image shows a 30 x 30 arcminute field centred on the Messier 86/ Messier 84 region of the Virgo cluster. The brighter galaxies in the field are (clockwise from the left) M86, M84 and NGC 4388. Their systemic velocities are -244, 1060 and 2524 km/s, respectively. Here the envelopes of bright galaxies are subtracted as much as possible for the detection of planetary nebulae embedded there. The larges circle indicates the FLAMES field-of-view. Intracluster planetary nebula candidates are marked by circles and show a highly non-uniform distribution in this field. The numbers near each circle indicate the measured line-of-sight velocity for that intracluster planetary nebula. The colour code used is blue for velocities smaller than the M84 systemic velocity (1060 km/s), red for larger velocities.



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Date de publication:22 octobre 2004
Communiqués de presse en rapport:eso0431
Taille:2580 x 1835 px

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Nom:Virgo Cluster
Type:Local Universe : Galaxy : Grouping : Cluster
Distance:55 million années lumière
Catégorie:Galaxy Clusters

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