Video News Release 12: First Light for the VLT Interferometer (eso0111a)

ESO Video News Reel vnr12 ("First Light for the VLT Interferometer") is published on March 18, 2001. It is issued in conjunction with the important achievement of "First Fringes", cf. eso0111. It begins with a general view of the observing platform on the top of the Paranal mountain, with the enclosures for the four large VLT Unit Telescopes and some of the 30 "stations" for the VLTI Auxiliary Telescopes. Statement by the Manager of the VLT project, Massimo Tarenghi. Two computer animations of the principle of the VLT Interferometer; the first with all seven telescopes and the second showing the concept of the Delay Lines that serve to equalize the light paths from the telescopes to the common focus. One of the VLTI test telescopes ("siderostats") is being readied for observations. The Delay Line carriages in the long Interferometric Tunnel under the telescopes move. The VINCI instrument in the Interferometric Laboratory is adjusted. Platform at sunset, before the observations. the astronomers and technicians prepare for the first observations in the VLTI Control Room in the Interferometric Building. "Interferometric Fringes" appear on the computer screen. Statements by Andreas Glindemann, VLTI Project Leader, and Massimo Tarenghi. Distant view of the installations at Paranal at sunset (on March 1, 2001). Total duration of VLR No. 12 is about 6:30 min.

This Video News Release is targeted especially at broadcasters for further editing. In order to keep the audio tracks editable, different sound information has been recorded on two separate tracks at optimal volumes as is common standard in professional post production. This video is not meant for on screen viewing — on ESOcasts are better suited for that.




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Vastaavat julkaisut:eso0111
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