Artist’s impression of HR 6819

New research using data from ESO’s Very Large Telescope and Very Large Telescope Interferometer has revealed that HR 6819, previously believed to be a triple system with a black hole, is in fact a system of two stars with no black hole. The scientists, a KU Leuven-ESO team, believe they have observed this binary system in a brief moment after one of the stars sucked the atmosphere off its companion, a phenomenon often referred to as “stellar vampirism”. This artist’s impression shows what the system might look like; it’s composed of an oblate star with a disc around it (a Be “vampire” star; foreground) and B-type star that has been stripped of its atmosphere (background).


ESO/L. Calçada


Julkaisupäivä:2. maaliskuuta 2022 9:30
Vastaavat julkaisut:eso2204
Koko:5000 x 3125 px


Nimi:HR 6819
Tyyppi:Local Universe : Star : Evolutionary Stage : Black Hole
Quasars and Black Holes


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