calob TOOL
Paul Le Saux ( after Ricardo Schmutzer )
1.0 / 20-january-2004 Calob now only generates missing calibration OBs


The calibration tool based on module calob developped at Paranal Observatory has been installed at La Silla and
modules soocal, emocal and suocal interfacing it to SOFI, EMMI and SUSI have been created and installed.

1 User manual:


After an observing night and before leaving telescope the observer executes the following sequence:

  • switch off dome lights
  • close nasmyth
  • in an instrument workstation xterm window type
    ( wemmi, wsusi wsofi etc.. )
    • calobBuild *.fits
      (This command will only generate missing calibration OBs ; this means that calibrations performed during the previous evening will not be repeated )

    • trouble shooting:
      • if an exposure has been aborted and generated several files (.det,.ins.. tcs ,.hdr )
        calob will fail: therefore move all these files to a dummy subdirectory ( for instance bad/ )
        and run calob again.
      • if calob fails for an other reason report a.s.a.p. to Operation Engineers and/or IFo leader.
      • calobBuild fails over 800 files.
        work around:
        assuming that the evening calibration files are all in the first hundred files ( SOFI_00*.fits ):
        • calobBuild SOFI_0[]*.fits
        • calobBuild SOFI_0[]*.fits
          This generates only two CALOB*.obd which should be empty if all calibrations were performed in the evening.
          Over 1000 files ask SOFTWARE to extend a solution of this kind.

    • in bob
      • load CALOB.yyyy-mm-dd.obd
      • right click STOP on first flat field
      • start templates

  • At 8 a.m. the Day TIO will take over setting telescope for flat fields

2 Installation guide lines

  • Install calob module
  • create a xxocal module ( xx = instrument 2 character code : e.g. su for SUSI , uv for UVES etc.. )
  • cmmCopy VLT-MAN-ESO-17240-2264
  • cmmCopy suocal as a simple example and look at it.
  • generate xxocal alike.