NIRPS - Near Infra-Red Planet Searcher

The NIRPS instrument


NIRPS, the Near Infra-Red Planet Searcher at the ESO La Silla 3.6m telescope is dedicated to the discovery and characterization of extrasolar planets. Like HARPS is a fibre-fed, high-resolution, cross-dispersed, echelle spectrograph. It can be used together with HARPS to acquire simultaneously spectra in the VIS and NIR. Read more....

Publications based on data obtained with the NIRPS instrument should quote the following reference papers: Bouchy, F., Doyon, R., ESO Messenger 169, 21B (2017) and: Wildi, F., Proc. SPIE 10400E 18W , (2017). After the analysis of the September 2022 commissioning data will be completed, we expect to publish within early 2023 a refereed paper that will be the new NIRPS reference paper with final performance figures.

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  • All questions related to observations and proposal preparation should be addressed to the La Silla Science Operations team, as well as your comments, suggestions and report of errors or inaccurate statements in the web pages and manuals.

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