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SciOp Re-Engineering

During the first half of 2002, a re-engineering effort took place at La Silla, aiming at the creation of the La Silla Science Operation Department, which groups the three formerly existing Telescope Teams, i.e. NTT,  360/CAT  and Medium-size Telescopes.

During meetings attended by many members of the telescope teams, most aspects of the science operation were discussed. These discussions led to the production of various re-engineering documents that were circulated among the staff for review, resulting in new versions that were finally released. The collection of these documents constitute the SciOp Plan.

As the structure of these documents reflect closely the re-engineering meeting structure, they have been merged into a single document, the SciOp Plan, order to provide an overview.

Current version
Review version
Released Documents
The SciOp Plan The SciOp Plan (ps) -
SciOp Implementation Memos LSO-MEM-ESO-90000-1 General
LSO-MEM-ESO-90000-2 Safety Officer
General Operation Plan LSO-PLA-ESO-90000-1/1.0   (ps) 0.93
Astronomy Operations LSO-PLA-ESO-90000-3/1.1   (ps) 0.9
Internal Administrative and Management Structure LSO-PLA-ESO-90000-5/1.0   (ps) 0.2
Staffing Plan LSO-PLA-ESO-90000-6/1.0   (ps) -
Communications and Documentation LSO-PLA-ESO-90000-4/1.0   (ps) 0.2
Job Titles and Job Descriptions LSO-SPE-ESO-90000-1/1.0 0.2
Minutes of the Re-engineering Quick-Off Meeting LSO-MIN-ESO-90000-1/2.0 0.9
Minutes of the Discussion on the Common Control Room LSO-MIN-ESO-90000-2/1.0 0.9
Reviewed Documents
Draft Documents
Training Plan LSO-PLA-ESO-xxxxx  


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