La Silla Observatory



Re-Engineering Project:
First Steps:
2002-01-10 Quick-off Meeting


Prepared Olivier Hainaut 2002-01-10
Reviewed Martin Kurster 2002-02-22
Released Jorge Melnick 2002-

Revision History
2002-01-10 first draft, ohainaut
2002-02-22 included comments from review



On 2002-01-10, we had the first meeting to prepare the "Science Operation Department". At this meeting, the 2p2, 3p6 and NTT Team leaders and operation engineers were present, constituting the "core" of the re-engineering group. As explained later, this core group will be extended so that all current team members participate.

Were present: Emilio Barrios, Olivier Hainaut, Martin Kurster (video), Paul LeSaux, Rene Mendez and Michael Sterzik. Rodrigo Olivarez was excused.

This summarize our discussion, with some additinal input from Emilio and Olivier after the meeting.

1- The Rules of the Game

The current MET, 360CAT and NTT Team are going to be merged in one unique Science Operation Department (SciOp), whose mission will be to operate the optical telescopes of ESO at La Silla.

O.Hainaut was appointed to lead this re-engineering. The plan of the SciOp department should be ready ~June 2002, and its implementation should start immediately after that, to be complete at the end of 2002.

The structure of the department and the transition from the current teams to this department are completely free, for us to decide and implement.

Some notes about a related point: the new building. The NTT needs a new control room (various technical and non-technical reasons). This will take place in a building whose construction is about to start, funded on 2001 budget. It was possible to extend the size of the building to 300sq.m (budget and available space), and a pre-project of multiple control room was prepared to substantiate the budget. This is meant to open the possibility of a common control room for NTT and 3.6m and/or 2.2m. However, it is important to note that this is a possibility, not an obligation --to be decided during the re-engineering phase. While the shape (30mx10m) is set, we still have some time to decide of the internal organization of the that building, which can become anything between an NTT control room to a SciOp building. This is for us to decide.

Additional note about the location: the schedule is extremely tight. We still have a few DAYs to discuss a change, but no more. Moreover, a change of location should have extremely strong reasons, i.e. at this point "a nicer view" is not strong enough.

At this point, there is no plan for future extension of this building (either horizontally or 2d floor). Of course, one can always dream, but on a realistic point of view, this is all we will get.

2- Motivation of the re-engineering

The main motivations for this restructuration are the following:

In addition, a single department has other advantages:

The following points were mentioned:

 We mentioned the possibility to have a (fraction of) a secretary for taking care of these secretarial work.

3- Success Factor

In order to measure the success of the re-engineering, the items were defined:

4- Tasks of the SciOp Department

We broadly defined the major tasks of the SciOp Department (the order is of no significance):

We also have 2 items that are specific to the transition period:

5- Actions