Visiting Astronomer not available



Guidelines in case a Visiting Astronomer is not available

Doc/issue LSO-PRO-ESO-90000-1
Date/issue/author/revision 2001-06-28, v1.0, Olivier Hainaut, creation for NTT
2002-04-02, v2.0, OHainaut, update for SciOps.
2002-04-02, v2.1, JBreysacher, reviewed.

In case a Visiting Astronomer who got some time allocate on the NTT, 3.6m or 2.2m in Visitor Mode, the PI has to coordinate with VisAS the travel arrangements to Chile of the selected observer(s).

  • In case no observer can be found, the run is automatically canceled
  • In case if, at the last minute, the selected observer cannot travel to Chile (e.g. illness, dramatic family event, etc), and the travel of another observer cannot be organized on short notice, the possibilities are the following:
    • The run is re-scheduled at a later date by VisAS.
    • The run is moved to "Delegated Observing" service mode. This is not always possible; in particular, it depends on support staff availability and on the complexity of the program. SciOp reserves itself the right not to accept to perform the observations in service mode. If we agree to do so, the PI of the program will have to prepare a full "Phase II" for the observations. The requirements for Phase II are described in another document, but in summary, it includes:
      • preparation of all the Observation Blocks (OBs) for science and calibrations.
      • preparation of a complete set of finding charts according the VLT standards
      • preparation of a detailed README file describing observations and the strategy.
      All this information has to be received well in time AND approved by the support astronomers. In case we don't get the information or it is not approved, the observations will not be performed. Also, it should be noted that the observations will be performed exclusively on the allocated night, and not in flexible scheduling during other service observing night. If the allocated night is lost because of bad weather, the time is lost, just as for any visitor program.
    • An arrangement with another observer is coordinated with VisAS. It must be noted that private negociation between the PI and an observer not involved in the project is not acceptable.