La Silla - Science Operation Department

SciOp Plan


During the first half of 2002, a re-engineering effort took place at La Silla, aiming at the creation of the La Silla Science Operation Department, which groups the three formerly existing Telescope Teams, i.e. NTT,  360/CAT  and Medium-size Telescopes.

During meetings attended by many members of the telescope teams, most aspects of the science operation were discussed. These discussions led to the production of various re-engineering documents that were circulated among the staff for review, resulting in new versions that were finally released. The collection of these documents constitute the SciOp Plan. As the structure of these documents reflect closely the re-engineering meeting structure, this page is provided as a "wrapper" in order to provide an overview of the SciOp Plan, and make the navigation through the various documents easier.


The link below point directly into the SciOp re-engineering documents. To come back to this overview, press the "back" button of your browser at the end of the section you were sent to.
The  Instrument Cores and Instrument Forces, as well as their members, are listed in a different page.

Re-Engineering Documents

This section gives direct access to the each document separately. These documents are designed to be Web-based, therefore they are provided as HTML documents. In case the reader absolutely wants a paper copy, PostScript files are provided some selected documents. Additionally, the reader can access the SciOp Documentation Repository, where he will be able to access early (pre-release) version of the documents, as well as their review comments.
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