La Silla Instrument Operation Teams

The main email address

The main E-mail address to contact SciOps is: lasilla [at] This email address is permanently manned, and your email will be forwarded to the relevant group or person.

Important Contacts

Instrument SciOps Safety Officer Manuel Pizarro
SciOps Remedy Friends Ariel Sanchez, Monica Castillo
SciOps Documentation Office Francisco Labrana

Instrument Operation Teams

instrument specific questions the "Instrument Operation Team" (IOT) can be directly contacted. The IOTs are composed of the first and second Instrument Scientist, the System Engineer, and the Instrument Friend. Instrument Scientists and Instrument Friends are typically astronomers and TIOs (Telescope and Instrument Operators) from SciOps. The system engineer is a senior engineer from the engineering department.

Instrument Scientist
System Engineer
Instrument Friend
NTT N/A Jorge Vilaza Angelica Leon
EFOSC2 Linda Schmidtobreick Andres Gonzalez Francisco Caceres
SofI Valentin Ivanov Peter Sinclaire
Manuel Pizarro

3.6m N/A
Jorge Vilaza Eduardo Matamoros
HARPS Claudio Melo Peter Sinclaire Javier Alarcon

2.2m N/A Agustin Macchino Francisco Labrana
GROND   Peter Sinclaire Duncan Castex
FEROS Ivo Saviane Peter Sinclaire Monica Castillo
WFI Fernando Selman
Agustin Macchino Pablo Arias
DIMM N/A Jorge Vilaza
(s/w: Alex Segovia)
Ariel Sanchez