The HARPS Team

The HARPS instrument is the result of several years of hard work, by many people in different countries and on two continents. They deserve to be proud of their achievement.

Directly involved in the many different aspects of hardware, software, science, management and administration were:

  • in Geneva: Francois Bouchy, Nigel Evershed, Michel Fleury, Michel George, D. Lacroix, Michel Mayor, Denis Megevand, Francesco Pepe, Michel Pichard, Didier Queloz, Danuta Sosnowska, Stephane Udry, Jean-Daniel Vuille, Luc Weber
  • at Observatoire de Haute Provence: Dominique Kohler, P. Petitpas, Pierre Richaud, Jean-Pierre Sivan
  • in Bern: Willi Benz, J. Fischer
  • in Marseille: Jean Le Merrer
  • at Service d'Aeronomie: Jean-Loup Bertaux
  • at La Silla: Thomas Dall, Wolfgang Eckert, Alain Gilliotte, Domingo Gojak, Juan-Carlos Guzman, Gaspare Lo Curto, Ruben Soto, Eugenio Ureta, Ueli Weilenmann
  • in Garching: Gerardo Avila, Andrea Balestra, Jean-Louis Beckers, Bernard Buzzoni, Cyril Cavadore, Sebastian Deiries, Hans Dekker, Bernard Delabre, S. D'Odorico, Robert Fischer, Arno van Kesteren, Franz Koch, Heinz Kotzlowski, Jean-Louis Lizon, Antonio Longinotti, Guy Monnet, Luca Pasquini, Javier Reyes, Gero Rupprecht, Jakob Vinther, Andreas Wicenec, Gerd Wieland.
michel Michel (F.) taking a ride...
denis Denis: "How could I make the Trigger use a bit more memory??"
danuta Danuta, Denis, Francesco: Software is nothing without hardware...
in Cass cage Work in the Cassegrain cage: Gero: "Are you sure that lens belongs in there, Alain?"
in HCFA Work in the HCFA: Alain: "Tighten that screw, Francesco, tighten it!"
on rack Enrique: "Why don't you smile into the other fibre, Francesco?"