Illustris simulation of the Universe's evolution in 8k fulldome

Representing our Universe on a scale of over 32 million light-years, this simulation visualises the evolution of cosmic gas temperatures from shortly after the Big Bang until the present.

Temperature is shown by blue (cold) through red/white (hot), and the larger "explosions" that can be seen throughout are due to radio-mode feedback.

This clip was created by Illustris and will be used in the fulldome digital planetarium of the forthcoming ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor Centre in Garching. Note: for important advice regarding downloading and unzipping please read here.

The Illustris Project is a set of large-scale cosmological simulations, including the most ambitious simulation of galaxy formation yet performed. The calculation tracks the expansion of the universe, the gravitational pull of matter onto itself, the motion or hydrodynamics of cosmic gas, as well as the formation of stars and black holes.

Such simulations require vast amounts of processing power to achieve. The largest was run on 8 192 compute cores, and took 19 million CPU hours — the equivalent of one computer CPU running for 19 million hours, or about 2 000 years.

The team that manages code development, simulation planning and analysis at The Illustris Project is:

Mark Vogelsberger (MIT)

Volker Springel (HITS)

Debora Sijacki (Cambridge)

Greg Snyder (STSCI)

Dylan Nelson (Harvard)

Shy Genel (Harvard)

Paul Torrey (Harvard)

Dandan Xiu (HITS)

Simeon Bird (IAS Princeton)

Lars Hernquist (Harvard)


The Illustris Project (visualization by Dylan Nelson)
Music: Jennifer Athena Galatis

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Release date:12 December 2014, 16:03
Duration:02 m 18 s
Frame rate:30 fps

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