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Impressions from the ESO Solar Eclipse Expedition in 1994

14 July 1999

This video contains some scenes from ESO Video News Reel no. 7 - "Impressions from the ESO Solar Eclipse Expedition in 1994" that is being issued in anticipation of the upcoming solar eclipse on August 11, 1999, four weeks from today.

This spectacular celestial event will be visible (weather permitting) from all of Europe as a partial eclipse during which the Moon covers part of the solar disk. The eclipse will be total in a 100-km wide zone that includes the location of the ESO Headquarters in Garching (Germany); here the Moon hides the solar disk completely and turns day into night for just over 2 minutes.

Many preparations are now being made all over Europe to help the public to enjoy the eclipse. More information, with links to some of the many webpages of organisers and events, is available at the ESO Eclipse 1999 website.

ESO News Reel No. 7 contains scenes from the ESO expedition to Northern Chile, that took place in connection with a total solar eclipse on November 3, 1994. It includes reactions from the participants before, during and after the phase of totality, views of the eclipsed Sun and scenes around the observations. It thus provides a brief "preview" of what is likely to happen at the time of the August 1999 eclipse.

The video includes a sequence with the impressive "diamond ring" effect, at the end of the phase of totality.

The clip is available in four versions: two MPEG files and two streamer-version of different sizes; the latter require RealPlayer software.

These sequences may be reproduced, if credit is given to the European Southern Observatory. ESO Video News Reel No. 7, suitable for transmission and in full professional quality (Betacam, etc.), will be available from July 23 for broadcasters upon request; please contact the ESO EPR Department for more details.

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Impressions from the ESO solar eclipse expedition in 1994
Impressions from the ESO solar eclipse expedition in 1994