An eclipse of PG 1550+131

An eclipse of PG 1550+131. This sequence of five CCD images was obtained by Reinhold Häfner of the Universitäts-Sternwarte München with the Danish 1.5 m telescope at the ESO La Silla observatory. They show a fast and total eclipse of the pre-cataclysmic binary star PG 1550+131 in the constellation Ophiuchus, in the early morning of July 3, 1988. Whereas all other stars in the field remain unchanged, this star disappears entirely from the view during a short moment.



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Release date:8 December 1988
Related releases:eso8809
Size:1812 x 1368 px

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Name:NN Serpentis, PG 1550+131
Type:Milky Way : Star : Grouping : Binary
Distance:1500 light years

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Danish 1.54-metre telescope