Velocity measurements of forty intracluster planetary nebulae

The intracluster planetary nebulae radial velocity distributions in three different regions of the sky (identified with the following labels: FCJ, CORE and SUC) in the Virgo cluster core region. The central panel shows the image of the VIRGO cluster core obtained from the Digital Sky Survey. The four brighter galaxies in the field are on the left Messier 87 near the FCJ field, and Messier 86, Messier 84 and NGC 4388 in the SUC field. In the FCJ panel, the blue dashed line shows a Gaussian curve with a mean velocity, vrad= 1276 km/s, and a dispersion, σrad= 247 km/s. In CORE, the green dashed line shows a Gaussian curve with vrad= 1436 km/s and σrad= 538 km/s for Virgo Cluster dwarf ellipticals and lenticular galaxies within 2 degrees of Messier 87. In the SUC panel, the dashed red line shows a Gaussian curve with vrad= 1079 km/s and σrad= 286 km/s, associated to the Messier 84 (M84) peak. The overplotted dash-dotted lines show the SUC-FLAMES spectra of intracluster HII regions, which have radial velocities in the M84 and NGC 4388 velocity ranges.



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Name:Messier 84, Messier 86, Messier 87, NGC 4388, Spectrum, Virgo Cluster
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