Spectrum of the distant galaxy MS 1512-cB58

A portion of a UVES spectrum of the very distant, 20.6-mag galaxy MS 1512-cB58, obtained with the UVES high-dispersion spectrograph at the VLT KUEYEN telescope. The Lyman-alpha absorption line from the galaxy itself is seen as the broad depression at about 4530 Å (453 nm; lower panel). The absorption lines at shorter wavelengths are the signatures of individual intergalactic clouds along the line-of-sight; they are indicated by red vertical lines. Blue arrows point at absorption lines associated with heavy elements present in the gas inside the MS 1512-cB58 galaxy.

Long and short red vertical lines indicate larger and smaller intergalactic hydrogen clouds, respectively. The overlying, continuous red line is the "best-fit" model to the observed spectrum. Due to the low altitude of the object, the exposures never lasted more than 90 min around the northern meridian. The full spectral coverage is 415 - 500 nm (blue arm) and 524 - 621 nm (red arm). The velocity resolution varies from 29 km/s at the blue end to 19 km/sec at the red limit. The S/N-ratio increases from about 3 (415 nm) to 10 (610 nm).



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Release date:11 March 2002
Related releases:eso0208
Size:1023 x 677 px

About the Object

Name:MS 1512-cB58
Type:Early Universe : Galaxy
Distance:z=2.723 (redshift)

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