ESO launches visitor programme for scientists working in Ukraine

11 March 2022

Due to the war in Ukraine, to support our colleagues in the scientific community and their families, ESO is announcing a Special Visitor Programme for Scientists working in the country to visit one of the ESO premises (Garching, Germany or Vitacura, Chile) to conduct scientific or technical projects. Grants will be provided in support of these scientific visits, and travel and accommodation will be covered for the full duration of the project. More information can be found on the ESO science pages

All ESO Member States have condemned the military invasion of Ukraine ordered by the Russian leadership, which blatantly violates the most fundamental human rights and is entirely incompatible with our values at ESO. ESO does not have and does not intend to have any official relationship with institutions and companies from Russia and Belarus under the current circumstances.



For queries related to the visitor programme:

Paola Andreani
Office for Science, Germany

Itziar De Gregorio Monsalvo
Office for Science, Chile

For general queries:

Xavier Barcons
ESO Director General 

Bárbara Ferreira
ESO Media Manager

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Sunrise at Cerro Armazones
Sunrise at Cerro Armazones