E-ELT Science Brochure Published

14 December 2009

Thanks to ever larger telescopes, such as ESO’s Very Large Telescope, and ever more sensitive instruments, our astronomical knowledge continues to progress at an incredible pace, answering many questions, but also raising exciting new ones. The 42-metre European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT), presently being planned by ESO, will be able to investigate these secrets and answer some of the most prominent open questions.

ESO has prepared a brochure presenting the science that can be done with the E-ELT, and entitled “An Expanded View of the Universe”. The 52-page brochure seeks to give a flavour of the kind of fundamental questions that the E-ELT may finally answer. However, just as Galileo was astounded to find mountains on the Moon and moons orbiting Jupiter, the most exciting discoveries are probably those that we have not yet even imagined.

This document was prepared by the E-ELT Science Office with the help of the E-ELT Science Working Group and the science teams of the consortia of the E-ELT instrument concept studies.



For printed copies, please check its availability in the ESOshop.

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Brochure: E-ELT science case
Brochure: E-ELT science case