OPC and Panels

The Observing Programmes Committee is the body in charge of reviewing, evaluating on scientific merit, and ranking the proposals submitted in response to a call for the use of ESO observing facilities of the La Silla Paranal Observatory and thereby advise the Director General on the distribution of observing time, taking account of ESO's scientific policy. The OPC is assisted in its task by Expert Panels covering specific scientific areas.

In the current implementation, the OPC is composed by 16 members plus the OPC Chair. The OPC is assisted by 13 Expert Panels. Each panel is composed by 6 members, which include the Panel Chair, who is also OPC member. To balance the number of representatives for each of the science categories, some panels include a co-Chair, who is also member of the OPC.

A general description of the time allocation process in place at ESO until P109 is provided here.

Guidelines and reference documents concerning the OPC and Panel activities are listed below.


As of P110, Distributed Peer Review has been introduced at ESO to decrease the load on the OPC and Panels.