Europe to the Stars long trailer in German

Europe to the Stars takes the viewer on an epic journey behind the scenes at the most productive ground-based observatory in the world, revealing the science, the history, the technology and the people.

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A film by Lars Lindberg Christensen
Music by Jennifer Athena Galatis
Narration: Sara Mendes Da Costa
German Translation: Hamburg Planetarium (Thomas Kraupe)/PrimeTime Studios
Producer: The European Southern Observatory (ESO)
Executive Producer: Lars Lindberg Christensen
Script and Scientific Advice: Govert Schilling, Lars Lindberg Christensen & Nicky Guttridge
Sound Effects/Design: Konstantino Polizois
Secondary Sound Design: Jennifer Athena Galatis
Mixed by Hamburg Planetarium (Thomas Kraupe)/PrimeTime Studios

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Datum objavljivanja:12. oktobar 2018. 15:49
Trajanje:02 m 31 s
Frame rate:30 fps

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