Messenger Issue 178

Highlights include:

  • E. Vernet et al.: ELT M4 — The Largest Adaptive Mirror Ever Built
  • GRAVITY Collaboration et al.: Spatially Resolving the Quasar Broad Emission Line Region
  • GRAVITY Collaboration: GRAVITY and the Galactic Centre
  • M. Wittkowski et al.: Precision Monitoring of Cool Evolved Stars: Constraining Effects of Convection and Pulsation
  • GRAVITY Collaboration: Multiple Star Systems in the Orion Nebula
  • C.L. Davies et al.: Spatially Resolving the Innermost Regions of the Accretion Discs of Young, Low-Mass Stars with GRAVITY
  • S. Dong et al.: When the Stars Align — the First Resolved Microlensed Images
  • GRAVITY Collaboration: Hunting Exoplanets with Single-Mode Optical Interferometry
  • C.F. Manara et al.: The ESO Summer Research Programme 2019

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