Catch a Star!

... Registered Participants in Luxembourg!

This page provides an overview of the registered participants in this country and their chosen object. Team leaders are indicated in italics . Each group is assigned a registration number when it registers. The registration for Catch a Star! 2004 closes on December 10, 2004.

Please remember that before you submit your own registration, you must check here if your preferred object has already been chosen. If three other groups in your own country have chosen that object , you must select another one. In other words, no more than three groups in one country may work on the same object. (Note, however, that in order to facilitate participation for younger students, this rule will not be enforced for groups of students in primary schools).

Once a project report has been submitted and accepted by the jury (see the explanation on the top page), the group members will become "Official Participants" and will be indicated as such.

Please direct any further questions to the jury by email via:

Object Group Location Registration
Supernovae Sven Kapuscinsky
Pascal Marin
Ralph Medernach
Michel Scheuer
Esch-sur-Alzette 069
Europa Elsa Ceotto
Warnier Laurent
Mr. Tesaro
Esch-sur-Alzette 103
The Moon Alex Feyereisen
Fabrice Muller
Felix Retter
Claude Boncher
Luxembourg 106
Comet Hale-Bopp Petit Claude
Marx Joé
Eric Giovagnoli
Mr. Marin
Esch-sur-Alzette 119
Titan Jenny Reding
Félix Urbain
Serge Lakaff
Pascal Daman
Luxembourg 246
Venus Bob Schuller
Kevin Jungbluth
Pascal Daman
Luxembourg 247
Saturn's Rings Christian André
Tom Rihm
Tom Breger
Pascal Daman
Luxembourg 248
The Moon Steve Laux
Ben Sulkers
Hannah Neuser
Pascal Daman
Luxembourg 249
Messier 31 (Andromeda Galaxy) Ben Buhr
Anouk Loesch
Nathalie Weis
André Mousset
Luxembourg 314
Constellation Orion Tom Kayser
Magali Weiler
Valérie Zimmer
André Mousset
Luxembourg 345

Object Group Location Registration
Star Formation in Orion Yann Kremer
Jean-Luc Weber
Elsa May
André Mousset
Luxembourg 346
Black Hole at the Centre of the Milky Way Jalil Ait Oukharraz
Caroline Blaise
Conny Feiereisen
Mrs. Probst
Luxembourg 348
Messier 57 (Planetary Nebula) Caroline Modugno
Marin Pascal
Esch-sur-Alzette 350
Supernovae Anne-Catherine Jander
Patrick Fassbender
Anouk Peiffer
Pascal Daman
Luxembourg 364

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