Catch a Star!

... Registered Participants in Denmark!

This page provides an overview of the registered participants in this country and their chosen object. Team leaders are indicated in italics . Each group is assigned a registration number when it registers. The registration for Catch a Star! 2004 closes on December 10, 2004.

Please remember that before you submit your own registration, you must check here if your preferred object has already been chosen. If three other groups in your own country have chosen that object , you must select another one. In other words, no more than three groups in one country may work on the same object. (Note, however, that in order to facilitate participation for younger students, this rule will not be enforced for groups of students in primary schools).

Once a project report has been submitted and accepted by the jury (see the explanation on the top page), the group members will become "Official Participants" and will be indicated as such.

Please direct any further questions to the jury by email via:

Object Group Location Registration
The Sun Malen Lønvig
Cecilie Backmann
Bjarning Grøn
Britta Johansen
Viborg 001
Andromeda Galaxy (M31) Lone Ditmar Christiansen
Bjarning Grøn
Morten Trier Nielsen
Viborg 004
The Venus Transit Herbert Boersma
Frederik Cilius Jørgensen
Maria Schütt
Sønderborg 007
Mars Rasmus Bardino
Thomas Birch
Bjarning Grøn
Viborg 008
51 Pegasi b (exoplanet) Emma Bjærge
Alexander Glud
Bjarning Grøn
Nanna Jensen
Viborg 009
The Venus Transit Anders Kolle Christensen
Martin Hyldegaard Madsen
Frederik Skov-Pedersen
Sønderborg 019
The Venus Transit Thomas Trøster
Ann Merete Jensen
Mogens Winther
Sønderborg 020
Black Holes Morten Almtoft
Palle Sørensen
Bjarning Grøn
Viborg 037
The Moon Bjarning Grøn
Søren Kieffer Høj Nielsen
Sabine Brandhøj Overgaard
Kristian Romlund Rix
Viborg 092
The Venus Transit Nesrin Salale
Rasmus Petersen
Henrik Matthiesen
Mogens Winther
Sønderborg 093

Object Group Location Registration
Delta Cephei Esben Schøler Nielsen
Bakinthan Kathiramalai
Rubathas Thirumathyam
Mogens Lundgaard
Svendborg 159
The Sun Kristian Poulstrup
Henrik Bjerregaard
Rasmus Davidsen
Kirsten Kragbak
Vejle 197
Variable Stars Mark Krummelbein
Jens-Jakob Kratmann Nissen
Peter Sejr
Peter Hansen
Lemvig 215
Io Søren Kynde
Marcus Bjerg Gregersen
Peter Hansen
Lemvig 216
Alpha Tauri (Aldebaran) Lena Pedersen
Malene Pedersen
Peter Hansen
Lemvig 217
Mars Morten Pedersen
Nina Zacho Andersen
Franz Emborg Jannsen
Peter Hansen
Lemvig 218
DQSO 0957+561 (Double Quasar) Louise Adelhart
Bjørn Øst Hansen
Hans Jørn Fogh Olsen
Holbæk 220
Mars Søren Brasen
Bjørn Østergård Nielsen
Hans Jørn Fogh Olsen
Holbæk 221
Planetary Nebulae Anne Lundsbjerg
Majbritt Sørensen
Emil Brix
Hans Jørn Fogh Olsen
Holbæk 222
Europa Rikke Christensen
Carina Brix Pedersen
Hans Jørn Fogh Olsen
Holbæk 223

Object Group Location Registration
Alpha Lyrae (Vega) Hans Christian Pedersen
Jeppe Strandberg
Steen Nordmark Pedersen
Søren Toft
Virum 263
Black Hole in Messier 31 Espen Skaarup
Martin Knudsen
Martin Igelsø Andresen
Søren Toft
Virum 264
Occultation of Jupiter's Moons Mikkel Krüger Krenchel
Lea Barfoed
Lars Højland Christiansen
Søren Toft
Virum 299

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