Diversity and Inclusion at ESO

Diversity statement: "ESO has established diversity as an important value of the Organisation, is committed to providing an equal opportunities environment and is actively seeking to promote a diverse and inclusive workforce."

We believe in the power of diversity.  

At ESO, we value our diverse workforce. We respect the unique experience and perspective of our staff and believe in the contribution of each individual to jointly accomplish ESO’s mission.  

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment that is safe, professional and of mutual trust where everyone is entitled to be treated with courtesy and respect. 

As an equal opportunity employer, we strive for equal treatment and reasonable adjustment for those in need of support.  

Consequently, we are committed to treating individuals equally and respectfully regardless of their gender, age, disability, religion or beliefs, political or any other opinion, ethnicity, nationality or national origin, appearance, sexual orientation, family situation or any other attribute that could lead to discrimination.  


Professor Tomas Brage from Lund University, Sweden is giving a talk about gender equality in physics to ESO staff in Garching. This event, held on 3 December 2018, was the second in a series of diversity- and inclusion-related talks organised by the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.


The Diversity and Inclusion Committee

It is the mission of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee (D&IC) to advance diversity and inclusion at all levels within ESO, by fostering a culture and atmosphere of mutual respect, that values performing employees from all backgrounds, gender and culture.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee was first set up in 2017. It reports to the ESO Director General and works closely with the ESO management to promote and implement goals, policies and good practices pertaining to diversity. The committee integrates efforts from all ESO sites.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is also represented in a variety of networks and international working groups that promote diversity, gender equality, professional ethics and inclusivity. The committee provides support to all units involved in the Diversity and Inclusion Plan around the following three pillars:

  • Inclusive work environment
  • Working conditions
  • Hiring and development processes

Activities ESO organised or participated in related to Diversity and Inclusion: