Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration, B-roll: Interviews (part1)

This B-roll footage contains footage of interviews with members of the EHT collaboration.

The material has been edited especially for broadcast use, without commentary or music.


ESO/BlackHoleCam/Radboud University/ Cristian Afker/Cafker Productions/ Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy.
Produced by: Cristian Afker/Cafker Productions /ESO.

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Útgáfudagur:Apr 10, 2019, 15:07 CEST
Tengdar fréttatilkynningar:eso1907
Tímalengd:33 m 58 s
Frame rate:25 fps

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Nafn:Messier 87
Tegund:Local Universe : Galaxy : Component : Central Black Hole
Flokkur:Video News Releases



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