With 15 Member States and a reputation worldwide, ESO’s anniversary is a fantastic opportunity to boost everyone’s interest in astronomy and generate visibility for organisations around Europe and in the world. With the numerous events happening in all Member States, such as the anniversary exhibitions and the anniversary events on 5 October, the event will be highly mediatised, reaching broad audiences.

We invite you to take advantage of the resources we are making available this year in order to expand your reach, bring new experiences to your audiences, and gain visibility in your communities and beyond!

For resellers, science centers, museums, anniversary exhibition and/or event organisers

You can purchase the documentary and the book at bulk price and resell them in your shop, at your own price.

The bulk price list is available at the Bulk Orders page.

You can place your order directly in the ESOshop

For TV stations

We can make available a broadcast version of the documentary that you can then format to fit your needs. Video, music and narration will be delivered to you separately, allowing for translations as well.

Make your request at information@eso.org.

For newspapers and magazines

We offer a unique deal to media outlets that wish to insert the DVD in their newspapers and/or magazines. ESO will cover the production costs and the media partner will cover only the replication fee (0.18 euros + cover) and shipping from ESO to you.

For more details, opportunities for media partnerships or to make your request contact osandu@partner.eso.org.