Science in School Issue 21 Out Now!

12. december 2011

Science teachers, take note: the latest issue of Science in School is now available both online and in print. The European journal for science teachers offers inspiring articles, fun games and hands-on activities for students in every issue.

Many exciting topics are covered in issue 21, from space-based astronomy using X-rays and gamma rays, and Pluto's reclassification as a dwarf planet, to fleet-footed ostriches escaping hungry lions. In medicine, an article looks at the placebo effect, whereby sugar pills and other non-treatments can nevertheless make patients feel better. There are also explanations of how molecules move through membranes, and how plants can soak up toxins from the environment, both with suggestions for classroom investigations.

Other articles explore air pollution, the physics of crowd behaviour and even how to prepare Julius Caesar's favourite perfume.

Science in School is published by EIROforum, a collaboration between eight European intergovernmental scientific research organisations, of which ESO is a member. The journal addresses science teaching both across Europe and across disciplines: highlighting the best in teaching and cutting-edge research.

If you would like to volunteer to translate Science in School articles into your own language, for publication online, please see the guidelines on the Science in School website.


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Science in School issue 21
Science in School issue 21