Java Library for access to FITS files

The current Java Class Library for access to FITS files was designed for the VLT Data Flow System pipeline subsystem. This has meant that certain features have been included at this moment while others first later may be added. Some of the features included are:

The library has many limitations at this moment. The most important are listed below:

The current version (0.94) of the library is available in several forms:

The library has been tested on Linux SuSe 9.3 with JDK 1.5. As the code has not been optimized, data access is slow e.g. on a 160 MHz machine and no JIT, 32-bit real images are read at 50k values/sec, 16-bit integer images at 80k values/sec while table data are read at 10k values/sec. FITS keywords are decoded at a rate of 2-3k keywords/sec depending significantly on their types.

Two simple test programs are available both to test the performance and to show how to use the library. They are:

Currently, the two first test programs are members of the org.eso.fits package so they have to be executed as e.g. java org.eso.fits.TestFits file.

Note: The class library is currently in a preliminary alpha state and may be modified without warning.

Warning: The class library is provided as-is without any warranty. It is NOT an official produce of ESO and is currently maintained by myself at a best effort basis.

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Last update: 2008-05-16